Laser resurfacing

Laser-resurfacing-Reduce-Pigmented-LesionsAt Eepo Mead Spa, our mission is to provide an exceptional skin care and also anti aging solutions by using best medical treatments in an aesthetic way.

We take complete pride on ourselves on the total utilization of the most advanced methods and the procedures. All of our eligible staffs are very much well skilled and dedicated professionals also. We are quite bale to treat the rosacea, sunspots and other pigmented spots of the skin to improve the skin condition and the skin texture also. After all the primary preparation, our staff will move on the further detailed treatment on your skin and eventually that laser light breaks up the pigment in the lesions.

Our laser skin resurfacing treatment will remove the damages very precisely, layer after layer and the result will be shown after few days. We provide a peaceful and caring service that can easily rejuvenates the natural beauty of an individual.