Chemical Peels

Chemical-Peels-Reduce-Pigmented-LesionsIdeal for photo damaged and even the sensitive skin, our professional Chemical peel treatment are specially designed to gradually improve the total texture and the appearance of the skin without any disruption or skin irruption. The treatment at Eepo Med Spa is very much safe and effective also. The peels are specially developed for using with a proper homecare pre and post treatment regimen.

There are so many options are available, but we recommend a detailed consultation with our professionals to determine the perfect peel for the appropriate skin type, its need as well. We are sure that after getting the treatment from Eepo you will have smooth and flawless skin without having mark of tanning or any damage on the skin. With the proper protection, the result of the treatment last for many months. The clients will definitely get satisfied with the bright service of the spa.