Spray Tans

Spray-TanningDo you want to have that beautiful glow on your skin without spending hours in a tanning bed or damaging skin? Eepo Med Spa will prove to be your ideal destination as we come with ultimate spray tanning equipment. Secret to our success lies in usage of highly advanced formula.

We are aware of skin damage caused by ultra violet rays of Sun and UVB rays of tanning beds. From wrinkling and aging to skin cancer, tans can be much more damaging. We have designed a completely sunless tanning procedure that prepares and nourishes skin while creating satisfactory and gorgeous tanning result.

The longevity of sunless tans depends upon tanning applications, skin’s natural exfoliation process and daily activities. Tans usually last around 4 to 7 days. Our technicians will help you to get a flawless tan from every angle.