PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRPPRP or Platelet Rich Plasma speeds healing of open wound, tendon, musculoskeletal injuries and helps in medical conditions like arthritis. At Eepo Med Spa, we also use it for improving lines, wrinkles and skin texture. PRP or Platelet Rich plasma shows dramatic improvement in areas like neck and under eyes. It also helps to improve skin texture.

A tube is drawn off in a way blood is drawn for blood tests. Skin is then anaesthetized with topical anaesthesia. Blood sample is spun in a centrifuge for around 8 minutes to produce PRP. PRP is then drawn from a tube into a syringe, and a small amount of calcium chloride solution added to it in order to stimulate the process. The solution is then injected in cleaned and anaesthetised skin either in tiny dots or small lines into deeper skin layer.

The procedure takes around one to two hours including recovery and preparation time.