Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail-FungusMore than half of all nail disorders are caused by fungal infections. When a nail gets infected by fungus it turns thicker and begins to lose its original colour. Symptoms of nail fungus infection can be of many types such as bleeding, pain or discharge of nail, swelling of the skin around the nail, changes in shape, colour and thickness of the nail. But there are instances where people are found with nail fungus infection but have no symptom as well.

Many people prefer to opt for our nail fungus treatment rather than prescribed drugs due to the chances of side-effects and possible risks. Our treatment utilizes a laser which is highly effective, safer and has no side effects. Clinical studies have shown that the success rate of laser nail fungus treatment can be more than 88%. Patients usually require several treatments and the duration of one session of nail fungus laser treatment depends on the number of nails treated.