JuvedermJuvederm is popularly known as ‘next generation’ dermal filler. It is actually an injectable gel that smoothes out different types of facial wrinkles such as ‘smile lines’, ‘Parenthesis’. This smooth gel filler helps one restore skin’s natural volume, facial folds and wrinkles. Juvederm also creates fuller lips and helps shaping facial contours such as the chin and cheeks. The reasons behind the immense popularity of this latest dermal filler are the quick procedure and better longevity. One session of Juvederm filler usually results in immediate difference and the outcome of one session can lasts as long as a year.

The nature of our skin changes as we get older. With age, wrinkles and folds start to form and the volume of our skin begins to fade. Juvederm, by dint of its chief ingredient called hyaluronic acid help revive the youthful look by adding hydration and volume to one’s skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can be found abundantly in our skin and it is responsible for the fullness and elasticity. Our skin lacks in this substance after a certain age and it then is being injected into one’s skin in the form of Juvederm gel.

Juvederm dermal filler is an FDA approved gel and hence safe. Side effects of this type of skin treatment are mild such as bumps, temporary swelling, redness and firmness of the skin and mild to moderate pain. A substance called lidocaine is instilled with the gel to increase the comfort level while injecting. Since this is the only dermal filler with highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, the outcome of one session lasts longer than any other dermal filler treatment. Juvederm is equally effective on any person regardless of colour.