Mesotherapy-Cellulite-ReductionMesotherapy is a popular non-surgical medical procedure that has been in use for different skin related issues such as reduction and elimination of facial wrinkles, weight loss, scar revision, cellulite reduction, spot weight reduction and hair loss. This type of technique can also be used to get rid of several chronic pains like arthritis, migraine, muscle spasms and more complex medical conditions like erectile dysfunction. Mesotherapy is essentially comprises of vitamins, amino acid and mineral medications. These elements deliver the required treatment in a specified area underneath our skin and help one get back revitalized and rejuvenated skin.

We offer Mesotherapy treatments as painless, non-invasive injections. It is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment and hence absolutely safe. Initially, we provide 2 to 4 sessions for our clients. Our Mesotherapy skin rejuvenation treatment is a wonderful compliment to any other skin treatment like dermal filler, Botox and chemical peels. We provide two new products of Mesotherapy in the likes of Mesolift and Mesobotox, patients can choose anyone of them after consulting with our physicians.