Wrinkles or Loose Skin

Wrinkles and loose skin can be treated in various ways. These treatments can be of many types such as taking measures to prevent skin from damage caused by UV rays, medical grade skin care that can be obtained on a regular basis at home and the latest addition to the range of treatments is laser treatments and chemical peels. Effective measures can be in the form of different medications like sunscreens and moisturizers. Regular usage of effective sunscreen lotions can help one avoid the effects of the sun which can cause loose skin and moderate to severe wrinkles. Medical grade treatments can also be beneficial for this type of skin disorder such as skin care products that include Alpha Hydroxy Acids like lactic, hyaluronic, salicylate, topical retinoids, vitamin C. These products can even out deep wrinkles and tighten up loose skin. Resurfacing is another form of treatment that has very high rate of success. Skin resurfacing can be of many types such as dermaplaning and microdermabarsion. But among all the treatments that are in use to reduce wrinkles and loose skin, the best one is laser treatments. It is a highly effective procedure which is faster and more effective than any other treatment. The types of lasers we use at Eepo Med Spa is fractional CO2 and Erbium.