Waxing is one of the most popular temporary methods of removal of undesirable hair. For some people hair takes longer to grow back while some other experiences a rapid and thicker hair growth. But still, waxing is a well-known and popular method of eradicating unwelcome hair. We offer hot and cold waxing treatment for both men and women. Essentially, a strip of wax is placed on the target area of the skin. This strip of wax helps remove hair from that very part of the body.

However, the outcome of waxing can be messy as it leaves hairs that break off. But the waxing treatment that we offer has loads of positives as well. The hair takes way longer to grow back compared to other methods of temporary hair removal like shaving and when it does grow back, it becomes less in number and thinner in nature. Our waxing treatment is also effective in sensitive areas like facial hair and bikini area of woman and is comfortable enough to be able to have this treatment on a regular basis.