Unwanted Hair

The amount of body hair varies from one person to another and for women the density of body hair varies due to many reasons. Most women have only fine hairs in different parts of the body as women tend to produce less androgens. Also, many women prefer not to have hair in many areas for aesthetic reasons. There are both temporary and permanent methods available to combat unwanted body hair.

Temporary options include shaving, waxing and plucking, however, the hair eventually gets back and in some cases it gets back thicker. Among the permanent solutions to unwanted hair growth, the most popular one is laser hair removal. Apart from laser treatments, electrolysis is another very effective method to see the end of unwanted hair for good but it tends to be time consuming and expensive. At Eepo Med Spa, we offer all sorts of treatments to get rid of undesirable hair for our clients and our staff with work with you so that you can choose the method that suits your wishes.