We offer scar treatments. Scarring can be in different forms. We evaluate it before treatment since each scar is individualized. Among scars, acne scars are quite common. We treat acne scars with a combination of topical therapies with laser and surgical treatments.

Scars left behind by severe to moderate acne can make you feel insecure about appearance and prevent you of having clear and beautiful skin. Since acne scars penetrate deep into skin, it tends to take years to dissolve. Acne scarring treatments at Eepo Med Spa offer a fast and pain free way to erase scars from skin allowing flawless and clear skin to grow in its place.

At Eepo Med Spa, we use our experience to find treatments that will be effective on you. We take up the case of each individual, analyse the requirements thoroughly before formulating a customized treatment plan for each client.