PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a new pain-relieving treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. This treatment can be used to decrease pain in muscles, tendons and ligaments and other painful issues. According to this treatment, our doctors take out a specific amount of your blood and then put it in a centrifuge in order to sort platelet rich plasma out of the other components. Then our doctors inject that platelet rich plasma into the affected area. These platelets help the recovery of wounded tissues, muscles or tendons.

PRP treatment is free of any risk of transmissible infections as we use your own blood for the therapy and our clients can rest assured as there is very low risk of allergic reaction. By providing PRP treatments to our clients we actually put emphasis on body’s natural healing system which is strengthened by highly concentrated platelet rich plasma. One session of our PRP treatment takes about one to two hours including recovery time and initial preparation.